Planting The Seed

Its school holiday, so I decided to teach KM and EM how to plant bean seeds in wet cotton balls. I bought two packets of cotton balls from Guardian Pharmacy and use the dried green beans that I bought few months ago for EM maracas.

The boys were of course very excited about it. I let them soaked the cotton balls in the water, squeezed the water out just lightly so that the cotton balls don’t get too dry before putting them in two glass jars; one for KM and one for EM. It was a bit challenging with EM as for a three years old, he still doesn’t know his own strength. Finally after we filled up half of the glass jars with the cotton balls, I let them scatter the green beans inside the glass jars.


I told them that if all goes well, the beans will grow within 3-4 days. But, we have to make sure that the cotton balls stay wet and the jars are not exposed too long under the hot sun. And after 5 days, this is the result…


We will check the jars everyday and on day 3, the beans began to sprout and they were so excited. Finally on Day 5, when they wake up in the morning and they saw the greens growing from the jars…they were so happy and so proud with their effort.

Their papa is going to get them some small pots and some fertiliser to transfer the growing beans into a proper place. and lets hope that the beans will thrive. Well done boys!!!

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