Happiness and Contentment In A Bottle

There are times when we will feel sad and depressed with our life. It doesn’t happen often but it happens. After all we are only human. These negative feelings will affect our life at times and will make us cry our eyes out.

Of course there are many life coaches out there or even those quotes on the internet that said happiness is all in our hands. We have the power to make ourselves happy. Yes I agreed that happiness is in our hands but we are only human. Sometimes we can’t help but feeling sad and down with things around us or people that affect us strongly.

And yesterday was that day when I was feeling so down and so sad. Even though my sweet, sweet husband tried to cheer me up but at the end of it all, it is still up to myself to be positive and to pick myself up from the dump that I was in yesterday. Yes, it helps to have that someone special by our side but we still need to take our own initiatives for our own happiness.

The best way to give you that serenity and happiness to your heart is by being closer to God. And as someone who is actively using the essential oil…after all the crying and my body became dehydrated because of so many tears that I lost during that time of sadness, I referred to my essential oil pocket reference.

You can find a list of essential oils that you can use for your sadness and to eliminate that negative feelings in you. And my heart told me to pick VALOR. VALOR is an essential oil blends that has the positive aroma to bring harmony and happiness back into your heart.

With 5 drops of VALOR in the palm of my non-dominant hand, I stirred the oil three times clockwise with my dominant hand, then I applied over my heart, my head and at the back of my neck. And I inhaled the beautiful scent of VALOR deeply.

With the grace of God, my heart feels at peace and so light.

Yes, from my experience essential oils help to give me inner peace and that positive feelings when I used them. And this is the best way compared to other negative ways that most people use.

So if we feel sad and negative, it is not wrong for us to cry our eyes out and to just let go. When we are done with that moment of sadness and despair, ask for God’s Grace and pray to Him. And use essential oils to bring back that happiness and serenity into our heart and soul.

Wow, what an amazing gift from God. These oils that we get from the plants. How these oils can help us in so many ways. We just need to know which oil that we need to use for our problems and discomforts.


I would like to stress here that the essential oils only work on those who are sad and unhappy due to the external factors. But for those who are emotionally and mentally disturbed and depressed clinically, these oils act only as add ons or as supplements. You still need to take the medicine that are prescribed to you by the doctors or any certified professional medical practitioners. Please do not replace your doctor’s advice with what is written here.