“Sometimes The Clothes Do Not Make The Man”

Went to watch “Pitch Perfect 3” last Wednesday with my better half. Have always loved the movie series. And there was this young man sitting beside us who was singing to almost every song that Barden Bellas sang. It was annoying but we just ignore it.

I love the way the Bellas sang the songs but honestly speaking I did not know some of the songs except maybe “Toxic” and of course the last song “Freedom 90”. And this what makes it interesting to me, the man sitting beside us that was singing to almost all the songs suddenly just kept quiet when Anna Kendrick sang “Freedom 90”.

I guessed I realised why he was not singing, well this is at least what I thought. From the way he dressed up and his youngish face, he is maybe in his teens or in his 20s. So, unless… he is really into music or unless he was born in 1970s or 1980s, he might not know the song “Freedom 90”.

And of course I know the lyrics, the beat to the song “Freedom 90” and all the songs sang by the late George Michael (may he Rest In Peace)┬ácoz I was born in the 70s…and almost any 70s and 80s babies would know how talented the late singer was. And Anna Kendrick did a very beautiful job singing the song…